Good News!. Our new Shopping cart is done at last! Many new additions, triple the products!

Color coded navigation-Green item picture backgrounds are Original GMP parts! Blue item picture backgrounds are MP helis remanufactured ! Purple items are custom MP helis parts!

We also are providing Free shipping options on some light weight items just $1 handling no matter how many free shipping items you buy! Bulk and wholesale discounts coming soon!

Having a hard time finding parts for your GMP? We have been working for years to develop quality replacement parts and upgrade products for several discontinued R/C Helicopters to supply that demand.Most remanufactured parts take about 2 weeks to complete, the in stock figures on remanufactued parts represent the maximum we can produce in a 2 week time frame.We only reproduce these parts to order to prevent damage to finished parts and because of limited storage space.

If a particular part is needed we will do all we can to get that part into production quickly. Just email us your requests. The parts in highest demand go into development first. As components are finished we will list them on the site as soon as they are thoroughly tested and we have stock.

Finally if you have any particular custom pieces you need get us the dimensions an we will do our best to produce them in a timely manner and at very reasonable prices.

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